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Sparkling Creativity!

Flourish Friday Coaching Circle

Bright, Energetic and Goal Oriented

Highly Recommend Nicky

Bright, energetic and goal-oriented

Nicky is an incredible teacher and coach. Since the beginning she was bright, energetic and goal-oriented and she created the best environment to work together. I’ve never had a coach who has given as much passion and focus as she has done.


Experienced and contemplative coach

Nicky is a very contemplative coach who gave me plenty of time to answer the incisive questions she asks. She is an experienced coach who uses her tools to full advantage and helped me gain a deeper understanding of my new venture.

T, April 2020

Master Coach

Nicky was refreshing and upbeat, She drew out my goals and challenges and helped me frame them as adventures which appealed to my extrovert nature. Watching and working with her was, at times, like watching a Master Coach in action.

R, April 2020

I appreciate your time and preparation and most of all your originality

I appreciate the time you take to prepare each session, the tips and links you give me and most of all your originality. The fact that you call my imagination into action, I believe, will be helpful to reach my learning goals. You carefully listen to me and then ask me to identify the mistake that I made before giving advice. That is very reassuring and will have a positive impact on my confidence. I liked the flow of our conversation. Just the right rhythm.

Business English Speaking Skills training,

Senior business analyst, 2019

Business Analyst

Nicky, you are brilliant.

Nicky, you are brilliant. You bring the best out of people – your gentle manner helps people to open up and share. Well-organised. Great visual aids.


Nicky was brilliant in leading the group. Very calm and clear about getting the group to interact with each other and give their input.


You are a fantastic facilitator and life coach. Fantastic delivery, approach, time keeping, subject and keeping us together and focused.

Team Workshops – Children’s Centre staff, London
Children’s Centre