” Innovation occurs in the white spaces between disciplines.”

                                                                                                                                                                                            John Seely Brown


About Diamond Minds

  • Are you a stretched start-up or freelancer lacking time for reflection?
  • Do you feel if you take a day off you’ll fall behind?
  • Are you constantly feeling like there’s no end to your to-do list?

If yes then journalling one-to-one or group sessions online or offline are for you. Journalling is becoming the productivity tool for busy professionals. Leaders of great companies used journals for reflection, clarity, decision making and developing a growth mind-set.

Also one-to-one coaching or group coaching can help you raise self-awareness so as to enhance your skills and behaviour.


Everyone harnessing the power of journalling and coaching to build their best life


Activating your inner self to find your voice, gain clarity and thrive through journalling and coaching.



  • Writing is power                               messy, spontaneous, anything-goes-writing gets you closer to your emotional truth
  • Honesty is energy                            getting in touch with your true inner self to produce your best work
  • Creativity is freedom                       activating your imagination to set you free
  • Resourcefulness is innate               everything you need is right here
  • Reflection ignites                             pausing leads to insight and innovation
  • Courage                                              on the edge of our fear is where we grow

Journalling and creative writing for professional development

Let’s start your journalling habit for a more productive you. One page at a time.

Most business professionals say it’s hard to know what to write about or what to do with the pages. That’s where I come in. As a journalling coach I guide you through journalling, giving you tips and techniques. I ask coaching questions to help you tease out key points and extract learnings. I offer tips and techniques which get your words flowing. I help you reflect on your journal and draw out the learnings. In group offline sessions the sharing and commenting are truly transformative.

I know because during all the  pinch points in my life – relationship breakdown, lone parenting, academic research – my journal has been by my side. It brings me balance, calm and perspective. It’s amazing how something so simple, affordable and accessible can be so effective.

I offer this to native and non-native speakers who use English to communicate professionally. Online and offline journalling sessions


Coaching  – career, business and relocation

Coaching is transformational. Working with a highly experienced coach has been proven to make the difference to many people’s careers. The coach is there to listen, to question, to help you reflect and draw out insights. In coaching, we establish your specific goals and start a process of discovery, action and insight to achieve them. The hour session is dedicated to you – prepare to come out the other side inspired, brimming with insight and bursting with energy to take that vital next step. It’s your choice. Stay as you are or take the first step?

Sharpen Your Saw – Coaching Conversations Circle
This kind of coaching is brilliant for learning from others to develop yourself further. As peers (not necessarily from the same team) we listen, we question, we reflect on what we hear from every one in the session. Something magical always happens in these circles – the way forward whispers in our ear or those inner dreams and desires tap dance into the room. Come and experience the magic to move you forward.

I am accredited by the Coaching Academy and a member of the Association for Coaching.



An online 60-minute session costs:
£50 (UK/EU/USA/Asia – guided by national average incomes)

£30 CEE/CIS/other regions – please send an email in advance for e-commerce code

£150 half day workshop UK


Publications & Writing Courses

Fiction, life writing, autofiction

Latest piece – Obsession – in this anthology; and other vignettes published in these anthologies:



Research & Toolkits

Lapidus Journal May 2019  Writing for Corporate Wellbeing https://issuu.com/lapidusinternational/docs/lapidus_journal_final_amends_203b1d25356154

Sorted. Life Coaching for Teenagers. 2012 https://www.lulu.com/shop/nicky-torode/shop/nicky-torode/sorted-paperback/paperback/product-16r4vrp6.html

A Woman’s Place: A toolkit for engaging women as learners (NIACE), 2009

International Journal of Minority and Group Rights, 2008 National Cultural Autonomy in the Russian Federation: Implementation and Impact, Volume 15, 2-3, 2008, pp.179-193







Book Reviews


  The Bulletin of the Association for Coaching, summer 2013


  Edge magazine, Institute for Leadership and Development




Creative Writing Tutor

For various adult learning providers (WEA – Workers Education Association and a local charity)

  • Start Your Story,
  • Start Your Memoir
  • Place and Identity
  • Reading for Wellbeing
  • Writing for Wellbeing

I’ve also run countless personal development courses, employability courses and more for adult learning providers. I’ve won Adult Learning Individual Awards

  • Award for Innovation in Employability Coaching course design, Lambeth Adult Learning, London, 2016
  • Award for Most Inspiring Tutor, Morley College, London, 2015


Education Materials Writer
I also write educational materials which have been published, including for the Learning and Work Institute (formerly NIACE) and English language publishers.

Fiction and Writing
I make time for a healthy serving of fiction. Love flash, autofiction, domestic noir.




Now     I currently live in the breezy coastal town of Hastings, England, with my son.

Then    I spent over a decade working overseas – Russia mostly, in Moscow and the Urals; also the Czech Republic, Japan and Italy.

I also went on work trips to Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria for human rights organisations.

Before my love of coaching and journalling, I worked in the international human rights sector, UK community development, business start up and communication skills training and English language training.