Journaling for Writers: Mindset for Success

written June 6, 2024 by Nicky Torode

  Tiny habits build big wins! Writers join my 30 minutes silent journaling with me on a Saturday morning.   Stimulate your imagination, probe deeper into your work-in-progress, question your writerly processes. ALL is needed for success. Book on Eventbrite. Commitment and consistency is what’s

The new sweet spot: Silent Disco Journaling.

written by Nicky Torode

  Come rock with me if you’re down Hastings way! We listen, we move, we write! Rich for self-discovery when you move and sway to a beat. Let the energy and sparks fly out of your pen onto the page. Small group for more sparks!

Write Across the Pond – coming soon

written June 4, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Our transatlantic collection is about to drop! Watch this space for more details on mesmerising stories of home, yearning and heartbreak. Writers from UK, US and Canada and tales from all corners of the globe. Mine feature Moscow, South East London and a Guernsey soul!

Keepsakes! Coming to a library near you

written May 24, 2024 by Nicky Torode

What a joy meeting so many writers at my workshop at Eastbourne Library last week. We were writing our Keepsakes, the marvellous power and spirit of the word to enliven our lives. Much excitement and lively discussions. Coming in October to Lewes and Seaford.

Inner outings – when wandering the streets is more than the sum of the sights!

written May 4, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Love running Street Wisdom walkshops and plugging into the vibe found on every street corner, sides and main drag! Demystify the mystery of how the streets provide! Read my guest blog for Street Wisdom

Writing Travel Stories – workshop for WEA

written May 1, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Travel writing, a voyage of the outer-inner kind. Today in my workshop for WEA, writers savoured a breadth of travel writing – deciphering the friction in the traveller’s tales, reportage and ground-breaking investigative dispatches. I always come away tingling with more ideas to get down

The Peckham Pulse – unlock creative thinking with Street Wisdom

written by Nicky Torode

Always love leading a Street Wisdom walkshop.  The answers to your top-of-mind question are right under your nose, your toes, bouncing from the walls of Peckham! Take a look at my latest guest blog on the Peckham experience!

ICF PCC credential – yay!

written April 27, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Delighted to receive my International Coach Federation credential – PCC. It’s been quite a task preparing the application: mapping all my coaching education since 2009, including courses and CPD hours. Plus, getting in touch with all ex clients to prove my 500+ hours! And doing

Writing the City!

written April 18, 2024 by Nicky Torode

“I’m still buzzing from the workshop. Just what I needed.”  A heart-warming comment from a writer on my recent Writing the City workshop for WEA. And I’m still buzzing. What in your creative life gets you buzzing? It’s all data – to what you need,

Dream Planner Journal by Collins

written March 17, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Excited to have a photoshoot and what better prop than the CollinsDebden Dream Planner journal. Great pix from Sarah Marland – check out her offers – and the ambiance, decor and colours of the marvellous Hair and Hound of Hastings!

Free therapeutic coaching for UK business owners

written February 28, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Pleased to be one of the coaches again in Mental Health UK’s therapeutic coaching initiative, funded by Lloyds Bank. It’s free so follow the link to select your preferred coach. Research confirmed the benefits not only to the mental health of business owners but also

Not sure what to write about in your journal? Try these 7mins x 7 days challenge

written February 15, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Read my latest guest blog post for BAPAM, the British Association for Performing Artists Medicine. I guide you through easy-to-start journaling exercises. Commit to 7 days and see if you can turn journaling into an enjoyable micro habit!  

What makes a good question is a good question!

written by Nicky Torode

Read my blog post for Street Wisdom, the creative walkshops which deliver us wisdom to our top-of-mind question. I do love a good question!

Boost Your Vibe – Mindset for Success hub

written February 4, 2024 by Nicky Torode

Being in dialogue with yourself and others is the way to boost your vibe! Step inside the hub for personal and professional growth! You’ll have journaling inspiration videos and a live coaching circle. Also printables to journal into once the videos are over. This is

Journaling to boost your entrepreneurial mind – StartUps Magazine

written January 29, 2024 by Nicky Torode

  Read my latest guest blog in the StartUps magazine UK. Tips on how to bring a beginner’s innovative mind to the blank page and make journaling a micro habit, using a menu of appetising techniques to stimulate fresh thinking!  

Start the Year Well journaling workshop for SBREC

written by Nicky Torode

I had great pleasure running an online journaling workshop for entrepreneurs, hosted by the Small Business Research+Enterprise Centre. We journaled into what 2023 had prepared us for and what are our guiding lights for 2024. Much insights and action points to carry into this year.

written January 22, 2024 by Nicky Torode

New, gentle creative writing course Here and There. Online, for those who have moved — had to move — from their home, their country and are trying to make a new home elsewhere. Starting 14 Feb, I am offering some free tickets so encourage you

Early bird journaling…develop your mindset for success!

written January 4, 2024 by Nicky Torode

  Heard all the buzz about journaling? It really is an impactful tool for helping you grow, professionally and personally! Give it a go! Meet yourself on the page and harness the wisdom, oh yes much wisdom, comes out when we’re not planning or writing

Boost Your Vibe – make 2024 count in this journaling and coaching hub!

written December 30, 2023 by Nicky Torode

Launching in January my very own journaling and coaching hub! Find that you start and stop with journaling? Find that you lack inspiration to know what to write about? Stuck on how to make the most of what you journal about? Then the hub is

Express coaching 3 x 30

written November 29, 2023 by Nicky Torode

Coaching at the point of need! Finish the year well with three short coaching sessions to move you forward. Coaching is often about hearing the conversation you need to have with yourself. Get to that shift in awareness and all else flows! Book on my