Journalling for Business Success (60 min online session)


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Helping senior managers, freelancers & start-ups increase productivity and free time by journalling & coaching

Are you a stretched start-up or freelancer lacking time for reflection?

Do you feel if you take a day off you’ll fall behind?

Are you constantly feeling like there’s no end to your to-do list?

Would you like to free up your time by working more productively?

Would you like to be in control, taking informed decisions by having quality time for reflection?


If yes, then journalling one-to-one or group sessions online or offline are for you. Journalling is becoming the productivity tool for busy professionals. Leaders of great companies used journals for reflection, clarity, decision making and developing a growth mind-set.


Online and offline journalling sessions with me are effective in getting you to start and maintain a journalling habit. I offer tips and techniques which get your words flowing. I help you reflect on your journal and draw out the learnings. In group offline sessions the sharing and commenting are truly transformative.


I know because during all the stressful pinch points in my life – relationship breakdown, lone parenting, academic research – my journal has been by my side. It brings me balance, calm and perspective. It’s amazing how something so simple, affordable and accessible can be so effective.


Most business professionals say it’s hard to know what to write about or what to do with the pages. That’s where I come in. As a journalling coach I guide you through journalling, giving you tips and techniques. I ask coaching questions to help you tease out key points and extract learnings.

I offer this to native and non-native speakers who use English to communicate professionally.


Let’s start your journalling habit for a more productive you. One page at a time.