Come wander with me in Hastings. Street Wisdom is all around!

written March 1, 2023 by Nicky Torode

What better way to feel energised, tuned in and have a breakthrough! Yes, Street Wisdom is back in Hastings. We’ll do some tune ups and tune ins and then quest around the streets of the Trinity Triangle to find answers to our top-of-mind question. The

Exile, home and belonging

written February 25, 2023 by Nicky Torode

All key themes in my creative writing and they swirled in force into a heady brew when I recently touched down on Guernsey, my home island of sorts! Here I am next to the statue of Victor Hugo, Guernsey’s famous resident, after his political exile

Start the year well …. Journaling in the library!

written January 30, 2023 by Nicky Torode

  We carried our journals and pens, gathered around a table in a cosy corner of Hampden Park library and started the year well! We framed the new year as the next chapter, alive to what calls and delights. We read a poem which was

Kick off 2023 with a Street Wisdom walkshop

written December 5, 2022 by Nicky Torode

Come wander with me…through the streets of Peckham. Street Wisdom is a creative and mindful way of finding answers to turning and churning questions we hold in our mind. Tune-in and tune-up with some guided exercises and then we’re off! Meet outside the entrance to

Things that go unsaid…early bird journaling

written by Nicky Torode

We journaled into this theme today…what are the things that go unsaid that would benefit from expression? Often, it takes more energy worrying, second guessing. Journaling to uncover, consider the stakes and the gains is already enabling a shift as words, sense and clarity form on

In Sights – success reimagined coaching cards for fresh thinking

written November 12, 2022 by Nicky Torode

  Love it when the fruit of a colab arrives in the post!  How stimulating to hold in my hands our stunning pack of coaching cards (also handy as writing prompts). In Sights – success reimagined brings the world to your desk! Use the inspirational

Journaling for female founders at TERN, the Entrepreneurial Refugee Network

written November 11, 2022 by Nicky Torode

I was thrilled to run a journaling workshop for female founders at HerTern, part of TERN, a London-based social enterprise supporting people from refugee backgrounds to start their own business. Using images, poems, list writing and even recipe writing we journaled to boost our confidence

Introverts, Wellbeing & Coaching – writing-as-thinking exploration

written October 31, 2022 by Nicky Torode

Stimulating collaboration for our article, Games introverts have to play, published in the Association for Coaching’s Coaching Perspectives. Introverts in Business thought leader, Tanya Sushchenko, and I used writing-as-thinking, an exploratory real-time writing technique to get us to explore the issue of introvert’s wellbeing and

Win in Hastings Book Fest – top 4!

written September 26, 2022 by Nicky Torode

I was so delighted that my Morrisons (yes, the supermarket) story got highly commended and cash prize at Hastings Book Fest. I went to the closing ceremony at Kino in St Leonards and was thrilled to receive my prize from novelist, and this year’s judge,

50 words, give or take!

written September 20, 2022 by Nicky Torode

My little story, published digitally earlier this year, is soon to be in the print anthology – thank you Vine Leaves Press. Always a treat reading the microfictions, as well as the experimental long forms! The 50-Word Stories of 2022 Microfiction for Lovers of Quick

Follow your guts and embrace chance moments to career success – podcast Xenia Pattberg

written July 22, 2022 by Nicky Torode

I had the real pleasure of chatting to Xenia Pattberg, a communications expert inspiring women into aerospace and an accomplished creative writer. Xenia lives and breathes her successful ethos of following your guts, embrace new possibilities, explore chance encounters and lean into who you are

Microfiction winner in Mum Life Stories

written July 20, 2022 by Nicky Torode

Delighted that my little story got selected in the top 10 winners in round 4! It’ll be in a printed anthology at the end of the year. Love last year’s cover, captures the journey a deux!

Story in Elsewhere, Journal of Place

written July 10, 2022 by Nicky Torode

Delighted to have my short story of Croydon published in the fascinating Elsewhere, the journal of place. Always a treat reading this journal.

Journaling to uncover Blind Spots and Bright Spots, SBREC webinar

written June 28, 2022 by Nicky Torode

How wonderful today to facilitate a journaling webinar for the Small Business Research and Enterprise Centre on Blind Spots and Bright Spots. Participants picked up their pens and journaled into a range of prompts aimed at developing self-knowledge, a critical factor for business success. Wise

Street Wisdom coming to Camberwell

written by Nicky Torode

Well, the wisdom is already there but I’ll be facilitating the walkshop on July 23rd. Come be guided through some tune-up exercises, ready for your own free quest, a gentle wander around the Green to find answers hiding in plain sight to your question of

The Power of Words

written May 25, 2022 by Nicky Torode

An old picture now but a timely reminder to keep going with those goals. You know the ones – those you set long ago that gathered dust along the way as derailers, blockers and the sting of rejection took hold! Ouch! But it was exciting

Guest blog post Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre

written May 18, 2022 by Nicky Torode

Read how journaling can help diminish your imposter syndrome through these prompts to build a regular journaling practice

Walk this way! Street Wisdom’s coming to Croydon in June

written May 17, 2022 by Nicky Torode

I’m thrilled to be able to wander the streets of Croydon again! Street Wisdom, a blend of mindfulness, creative thinking and connection to place, is sooooo delicious I can’t stop smiling.  Through some tuning-in exercises, we’ll find answers to those questions turning in your mind,

Journaling for Wellbeing – in libraries in May

written April 25, 2022 by Nicky Torode

With Mental Health Week coming up in May, I’ll be in person journaling for wellbeing at Hastings Library and Bexhill. Book via the libraries for the free session. It’s going to be fantastic to be face-to-face surrounded by history and books! Connect, write, share and

Wonder Walkshop – Street Wisdom

written April 6, 2022 by Nicky Torode

Come wander with me this May in Hastings Town Centre! Using the creative and magical approach of Street Wisdom we’ll explore the gifts hiding in plain sight on every street! Read more about Street Wisdom here and book on their site. Can’t wait!