Talk at Chekhov Cultural Center

written January 19, 2021 by Nicky Torode


I was thrilled to give a talk to the members of ELE at the Chekhov Cultural Center, Moscow last week. My only regret was I couldn’t do it in person! I thoroughly enjoyed the thought-provoking and insightful questions members asked me. Thanks so much for a wonderful evening.

My talk introduced the practice of writing for wellbeing and presented examples of how my writing (journals, poems, vignettes, faxes!) while in Russia a LONG time ago had therapeutic effects – writing helped me express my feelings, make sense of my experience and feel more in control of events. As an experiment, I also wrote some pieces last week about those “Russian Years” and noted additional benefits such as a stronger sense of self and a softening of that gnawing feeling that those golden days are gone!

Look out for my new course mid Feb – Memories, Memoirs & Me.


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