Five a day

written May 13, 2016 by Nicky Torode

Pondering girl_amended_no_title (3)  Do you believe in five a day?

Not only the fruit/veg variety but five minutes of writing a day!

Writing has the power to calm, to unjumble as your words tumble onto the page. It makes sense of that dilemma, it shrinks that problem down to size. It organises and restores your balance.

Writing for five whole minutes  every day – no phones ringing, no Facebook checking – pure lost in the moments of writing – is like charging your battery. Topped up and raring to go.

See what your five minutes a day can do for you.

Five a day


One response to “Five a day”

  1. I agree – and five minutes isn’t too hard to commit to. (Say I, having not written my morning pages this morning.) I saw your piece in Writing Magazine, by the way – very encouraging!

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